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Bling Boss Organization (founded by Vanessa Cheatham in November 2019) was created to promote a mission to provide arts and fashion to our local communities in the Hudson Valley area and to inspire the youth and adults to pursue their dreams. In hopes to further collaborate with other organizations/groups we are here to promote assistance for the youth and our inner communities and it ranges from housing/shelter, food, clothing, etc. Bling Boss was also created to give new upcoming and current models/designers/photographers/missionaries/performers a place to express themselves and their talents and a chance to expand their goals within their talents. The name "Bling Boss" was originally created by Vanessa Cheatham because she loves anything that looks like "the finer things in life" with rhinestones/jewels combining with having control of her own destiny and being able to create an empire/organization that would join communities together for a greater cause. Bling Boss Organization will include our anticipated "Bling Boss Fashion Shows" that will reside in the Orange County/Hudson Valley area, scholarships, fundraisers, and many more.

Our Mission
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